Microsoft presents Office 2021: features, price and availability

Microsoft has just announced two new versions of Office: one for consumers named Office 2021 and another for businesses (Office LTSC). Office 2021 replaces Office 2019 and will be available for Windows and macOS in the second half of this year. It’s the ideal version of Office for those who don’t want to pay for the Microsoft 365 subscription because they don’t need all of the benefits it offers.

Office 2021 features

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For now, those at Redmond have not detailed all the new features of Office 2021. Most notable compared to Office 2019 is the new interface that Microsoft 365 users have long appreciated.

In addition, Office 2021 will include the new dark mode recently introduced by Microsoft which will help us to work in low light environments. It is to be expected that the applications in the suite will be in a very similar state to the current Microsoft 365. Over time, the Microsoft 365 applications will again exceed those of Office 2021 in functionality, because it is one of the most valuable things is contributing to the first of those subscriptions.

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Regarding Office LTSC, its launch is a clear example of how Microsoft is fully aware that not all business customers are ready to pay for Microsoft 365. Some small businesses are more comfortable with a smaller subscription because they don’t need additional cloud storage space or the ability to install Office on multiple devices.

Office LTSC will also include Dark Mode, along with accessibility improvements and new features like Dynamic Tables and XLOOKUP in Excel. From now on, Office LTSC will receive support for five years instead of the seven that the Office traditionally offers.


Office 2021 and Office LTSC will arrive in the last months of the year, without there being a specific date for their launch yet. In April, Microsoft will release a preview version of Office LTSC, which they don’t plan to do with Office 2021.


The price of Office Professional, Professional Plus, Office Standard and that of individual applications will increase by 10%, while that of Office Home and Students (149 €) and Office Home and Business (150 €) will remain unchanged.

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