Microsoft presents the new Classroom Pen 2 at BettFest

The Redmond giant wants to have more class presence. In the past, its use in colleges and universities was indisputable, but for years it was very competitive. No, we’re not talking about the Spanish attempt to compete with Guadalinex, we’re talking about Apple Classroom and ChromeOS.

This is why, a little over a year ago, Microsoft launched its Classroom Pen. An alternative to the Surface Pen with a much more affordable price and which allowed the fingering of the classes with a very affordable accessory. Now the BettFest is taking place, an education-related event and Microsoft took the opportunity to offer the renewal of this device, reducing its price even further.

Classroom Pen 2 improves on its predecessor and even reduces its price

The reality is that there are subjects that must be dealt with with a pencil or a pen. That’s why this Classroom Pen 2 has all the meaning in the world. A new device that stylizes its shape so that we can write naturally.

In contrast, it managed to reduce its price and make it easier to implement with a price tag of $ 19 for each device. Thus, the students will be able to interact using their hands, keyboard and mouse or via their Classroom Pen 2. Different ways of interacting with the content that adapt to our uses.

We hope that Microsoft’s commitment to education at BettFest will continue as before. Microsoft services applied to courses are working very well. We’re not just talking about Office, we also need to include Teams and even Minecraft. A variety of products that allow teachers right now to continue to connect with and teach their students.

New equipment was also unveiled during this event. You can see the full rundown of what Microsoft presented at BettFest via this link. Infinite novelties for the field of education.

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