Microsoft promises to treat excessive eyelashes in Edge

Security and performance improvements are always welcome in a web browser. But tab management and multitasking are just as important. Microsoft understands that overloading or duplicating tabs is a major problem for the user. Now Edge engineers are actively looking for new ideas.

Microsoft Edge wants to end excess eyelashes

In recent versions of Chromium, Microsoft has gradually made a number of changes to address tab overload and duplication. For example, Microsoft recently proposed major changes to Chromium’s default tab retention / restore architecture to address reliability issues and improve performance.

In addition to tab management, Microsoft is also experimenting with the “tab previews” feature in Edge Canary. This will allow users to preview the contents of the tabs without entering the tab.

In a Reddit thread, Microsoft confirmed that it is continuing to work on tab previews to reduce tab overload. Once launched, you can hover over an individual tab that is not active to see a quick preview of the thumbnail. Microsoft’s implementation is probably better than the tab previews included in Google Chrome.

“Switching from one tab to another is definitely a significant user issue that we are actively investigating, and having duplicate tabs can be both a cause and a symptom of having many tabs open,” Microsoft added. .

Edge for Android will get better

Microsoft has finally confirmed that it still works on the mobile version of the browser. The priority right now is to align it with its desktop counterpart to share the same codebase between devices.

Once the migration work is complete, Microsoft will start offering new features and improvements to Chromium Edge for Android.

Unfortunately, Microsoft is not yet ready to share a schedule for the Big Edge update on Android. But more information will come out “soon”, according to a Microsoft engineer.

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