Microsoft reaches two trillion market cap

After spectacular quarterly results, the Redmond giant came close to crossing the threshold of 2 trillion in market capitalization. But then he suffered a slight collapse that pulled him away from the coveted figure. It is now a reality, although it has declined slightly. Microsoft thus becomes the second company to reach this level behind Apple.

Betting on the cloud breathes new life into Microsoft

The reality is that Nadella has been harshly criticized as the CEO of Microsoft, but since joining the company he has practically managed to multiply the value of the company by 10. Microsoft has gone from around 30 times. $ when he was elected CEO at over $ 260 today.

She completely changed the company and made a third pillar that was growing at the time, like Azure, that it is now fundamental. The strategy of focusing on services and the cloud is great news because it diversifies the areas of work of the company.

As we reported this week, Microsoft has three fundamental pillars that revenue is split between. These three main pillars are productivity and business processes, the intelligent cloud and more personal computers.

Today with the rise of teleworking, the Redmond giant sees Windows experiencing incredible growth, as well as the cloud where they recently invested a large sum of money with the acquisition of Nuance Communications. The question that everyone is asking is what is the ceiling of the two big technological giants, after having reached a record capitalization it seems that they no longer have a limit.

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