Microsoft releases build 21322 on the Insider Dev Channel

One more week we have Windows 10 Build on the Windows Insider Program Dev channel. This week we’re back to Build Wednesday after the release of the last two weeks on Friday, the previous one being Build 21318. Build 21322 is a minor update with no new features beyond a slight improvement to the Comment Center.

#WindowsInsiders, we’re interrupting your regular programming for a flight. Build 21322 is now available in the dev channel: #AreYouFlightingYet

Once your update is complete, drop by to join us on today’s #WIPWebcast:

– Windows Insider (@windowsinsider) February 24, 2021

Other updates of Build 21322

Vote for similar comments in the comment center

Based on the feedback, the team behind the Feedback Hub app made a change to the app. Now insiders can vote positively and add a similar comment in issues and suggestions.

This helps engineers investigate the problem when they encounter similar issues with other equipment. This offers additional information when uncovering possible problems and will allow us to write a description of what happened and to accompany it with documents or pictures in case we can reproduce it. This new option is available in version 1.2009.10413.0 and higher.

Changes and Improvements in Build 21322

The 3D Objects folder will not appear as a specific folder in File Explorer after upgrading to this version. To access this folder, we can do so by viewing all folders.
[Noticias e Intereses] They removed the “Minimize taskbar updates” option from the context menu. They are convinced that it can return in future versions. Improvements to the Build 21301 touchscreen keyboard have been temporarily removed to address certain issues. Of course, the updates for the keyboard in 12 inches or more and the candidate bar remain accessible to all.

Fixes and Improvements

They fixed an issue where if we tried to access Azure Active Directory (AAD) through Remote Desktop (RDP) it would fail after updating to the current versions. Fixed an issue where our team could end up checking for bugs when switching between profiles. Fixed an issue that could cause files that we deleted on the desktop to appear unexpectedly during the update.
[Noticias e Intereses] Fixed an issue where the taskbar button could not display content after changing the primary monitor.
[Noticias e Intereses] Fixed an issue where News and Interests would update content in the background even though the screen was off, consuming resources.
[Noticias e Intereses] Fixed several issues affecting performance and operation. Changed a bug with the new “Paste as text” option where the clipboard history did not close after being used, incompatible with normal operation. Fixed causing writing lines to appear as torn. The issue of audio lag on some devices has been fixed. Addressed issue where when changing the calendar format multiple times, the listed values ​​may not be correct.

Known bugs

There is an issue with Build 21318 where the Windows Update page displays required and optional updates. This problem has been fixed in version 21322, but you will see it when updating from the previous version. Construction may take some time to install. There are stability issues with the Start menu and other modern apps. Previews of pinned sites aren’t enabled for all Insiders, so we might see a gray screen in the taskbar thumbnail. Microsoft continues to work to enable the new experience for websites pinned to the taskbar. In the meantime, we can detach it, delete the app, and re-pin it.
[Noticias e intereses] They fix an issue where News and Interests may not be available when signing into Windows without internet access.
[Noticias e intereses] Sometimes information and interests cannot be ignored with a stylus.
[ARM64] Insiders who have the preview version of the Qualcomm Adreno graphics driver installed on the Surface Pro X may see lower screen brightness. This issue will be fixed in a future update. If you are experiencing this issue, please see the Feedback Collection for more information. They are investigating insider reports that the Chinese text of the lunar calendar in the clock and calendar drop-down menu no longer displays correctly from the previous version. There are reports of Insiders devices crashing when an Xbox controller is connected while shutting down, restarting, or suspending a computer in recent releases on the Dev channel.

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