Microsoft releases build 21332 on the Insider Dev Channel

One more week we bring you the news regarding Windows 10. After the last week of Build 21327 in the Dev channel of the Windows Insider program this week we come to Build 21332, we will know the news.

Hello #WindowsInsiders in Dev Channel. Build 21332 is now live! Be sure to check out the blog post for full details:

– Windows Insider (@windowsinsider) March 10, 2021

What’s new in version 21332

An update on the display of news and interests

While it shouldn’t be necessary, the Windows Insider team feels it needs some clarification. This happens in relation to the News and Interests area.

Over the past two months, they’ve been testing variations of the News & Interests experience on the Windows taskbar. They received a lot of feedback from Windows Insiders and thus got the best user experience. The News & Interests experience will now display two columns of content, allowing you to quickly check our feed for weather, headlines, money, and more. By default, it will open by hovering or clicking. Based on our feedback, they will also introduce a one-click open option in a future update. As a result of these changes, they’re resetting the display of Insider News and Interests on the Developer Channel. This means that insiders who had previously enabled News and Interests on their taskbars may see them disappear. This is normal, they are working on new implementations.

Build 21332 changes and improvements

The new option to paste as plain text from clipboard history (WIN + V) is being rolled out for all insiders in the development channel. Custom loading screens have been re-enabled for all Dev Channel Insiders with this release. 3D Viewer and Paint 3D will no longer come preinstalled on clean installs of the latest Insider Preview builds. Both apps will continue to be available in the Store and will remain on our device after an operating system update. Therefore, if you have updated your PC in the normal way, you should not see these changed apps in the app list. Due to increasingly low usage, the math input panel is being removed. However, the input check and math recognition engine that powered the app remains as an optional feature titled “Math Recognizer” which can be installed through Settings> Applications> Apps & Features and clicking “Optional Features” . So even though the app itself won’t be around, the features you enabled for math equation input in OneNote, Excel, and elsewhere will still work, and developers can continue to use the input control.

Fixes and Improvements

Fixed an issue that caused Surface Pro X devices to check for errors when resuming from suspension. Fixed an issue that caused devices to crash when the Xbox Controller was plugged in when shutting down, restarting, or sleeping in recent versions of Dev Channels. Fixed an issue where the About Settings page was not present in the previous update. Fixed an issue where the Operating System Information link on the Windows Update Settings page was not working. Fixed an issue that caused some configuration search results to disappear unexpectedly in recent updates. Fixed an issue where if you go to Settings> System> Power & Sleep, some Insiders’ settings would get stuck. Fixed an issue where status information was not displayed in Settings> Update & Security> Windows Update when updated. Fixed an issue that said Chinese text for Lunar Calendar on Clock and Calendar would not display correctly in recent updates. We have detected the issue where it was unexpectedly possible to scroll through the Quick Actions area of ​​the Action Center when the region has collapsed. Locates a bug affecting Compute GPU support on the Windows Subsystem for Linux. See this GitHub issue for reference. Fixed an issue where the clipboard history was not updated to show the most recent entries. Fixed an issue that caused an app to launch to ignore the touch keyboard, even if you used the taskbar button to manually invoke it. Fixed an issue where gifs (via touchpad or emoji panel) were unexpectedly inserted as a single image in some apps. Fixed an issue where, when using search to insert red heart emoji from the touch keyboard or emoji panel, in some apps when inserting it would appear unexpectedly black, even though the app supports colorful emoji. Fixed a bug that was being used when using the new dark mode for suggestions displayed by Pinyin IME that were unreadable due to black text. Fixed an issue when writing with some IMEs where the narrator would not advertise when expanding or collapsing the information displayed in the candidate window. Fixed an issue where some TV tuners were not working. An issue that could cause your PC to check for error when renaming a file or folder on an SD card has been resolved. Addresses an issue that caused devices running Trend Micro software to randomly check for errors. Fixed an issue where devices with Bitdefender installed encountered a black screen and / or .exe browser crash. Resolving the problem requires updating the Bitdefender software.

Known bugs

Construction may take some time to install. Previews for pinned sites aren’t enabled for all Insiders, so we might see a gray screen in the taskbar thumbnail. Microsoft continues to work to enable the new experience for websites pinned to the taskbar. In the meantime, we can unpin it, delete the app and pin it again.
[Noticias e intereses] They fix an issue where News and Interests might not be available when signing into Windows without internet access.
[Noticias e intereses] Sometimes information and interests cannot be ignored with a stylus.
[ARM64] Insiders who have the preview version of the Qualcomm Adreno graphics driver installed on the Surface Pro X may see lower screen brightness. This issue will be fixed in a future update. If you are experiencing this problem, see the Comments collection for more information. An issue has been detected where some sets of high refresh rate monitors only work at 60Hz. Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) users who upgrade to this version will not be able to use the feature. GPU rendering. They are working on a solution for this. Users who perform a new installation will not be affected. They are looking for a solution for an issue in which some devices with Realtek network adapters running driver version may experience intermittent loss of network connectivity. The network flyout menu on the login screen will not open in this version, which will prevent you from connecting to a new network before connecting. If your account is in a state that requires internet connection, you may be able to resolve the issue by connecting Ethernet, bringing the device within range of a previously configured Wi-Fi network, or by signing in with any other available account first. . They are working on a fix to resolve a DWM memory leak that was introduced in the previous update.

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