Microsoft releases the first version of Windows Package Manager

A year ago, Microsoft announced the release of Windows Package Manager. It is a set of software tools that automate the process of obtaining programs. Using Windows Terminal, we need to specify the app we want and the latest available version will be downloaded.

Windows package manager comes at the right time

Now, a year later, WPM has already reached its first release and stepped out of the preview phase. You can download the tool from their GitHub page through the direct link Microsoft provided in the post where they advertise their availability.

Windows Package Manager 1.0 will soon be available through the Store on all PCs running Windows 10 Version 1809 or later. Over 1,400 unique packages have already been submitted to the Microsoft Community repository this year and as of now that number is expected to grow at a much faster rate.

It’s important to remember that all rumors indicate that the new Microsoft Store that Microsoft is working in will use WPM technology to deliver software to users.

This new app store will go hand in hand with “The Next Big Windows Update” and will be designed from the ground up to be faster, more modern and more functional than ever. Developers will be able to download all kinds of apps, including unpackaged Win32 apps (in EXE and MSI formats).

Those at Redmond also announced a new tool in the form of a preview to help upload packages to the repository. This tool has been dubbed Windows Package Manager Manifest Creator.

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