Microsoft Releases Version 20246 on Insider Dev Channel

A new version is coming to the Dev channel of the Windows Insider program. A small update that only changes the development branch and fixes some current issues in Windows 10. Specifically, we are talking about Build 20246.

It’s time for a rarely spotted Thursday flight, #WindowsInsiders! Build 20246 is now available in Dev Channel. Get more details:

– Windows Insider (@windowsinsider) October 29, 2020

Change of branch in FE_RELEASE

Users who are on the Insider Dev channel will see in Windows Update how this release comes from the FE_RELEASE branch. The last time we saw a change of this style was in May with MN_RELEASE, and it’s just a change between the different development branches they currently have.

It’s not associated with any version of Windows 10, and we won’t even have all of the improvements we’ve seen in recent months. More specifically, the new emoticon picker, redesigned touchscreen keyboard, new speech-to-text interface, and even theme-dependent splash screens will not be available.

Soon we will have this news again, but since this is not the branch of development we are still familiar with, we have to wait.

Updates for Insiders

Soon the new calendar app, which was previously available as a preview, will no longer be available. These users will see a notification indicating the end of the program.

Developer Updates

As in every version, we have a new Windows SDK in the development channel. Whenever a new version of the operating system is released on the development channel, the corresponding SDK will also be offered. You can always install the latest Insider SDK from The SDK versions will be archived in Flight Hub along with the operating system versions.

Changes and enhancements in version 20246

Microsoft has added the automatic installation of a Linux distribution in the wsl.exe –install command. Now we can only write this command and save some time to get everything ready.

Fixes for build 20246

Fixed a bug where the option to choose a time in Windows Update did not work. Fixed an issue when hovering the mouse over the taskbar preview that showed an unexpected border. Fixed a bug due to the one that chkdsk shows frozen at 100% because the message indicating that it is done did not appear. Fixed a bug where a crash would occur when disconnecting some audio devices in the latest versions. An issue where Windows Update page may not load if connected to WI-FI connection without internet connection Fixed bug where storage settings displayed incorrect sizes for each category (larger than visible in browser of Files) Fixed a crash when handling partition size in storage settings Fixed an issue where GPU computation using C UDA and DirectML did not work in Windows subsystem for linux.

Known bugs in Build 20246

Installing games on disks where the system is not installed can make it inaccessible. To prevent this from happening, we can change the default storage on this drive BEFORE installing the game. This can be done from Settings> Storage> Change content storage location. Microsoft is studying the time it takes to install a new version. Microsoft is working to implement live preview of pinned pages. The new one at the moment. The page pinning experience will only work with new pages we add, not with those we already have. If we don’t want to wait, we can remove it from edge: // apps and re-pin it. Some users may see a green screen with the DPC_WATCHDOG_VIOLATION error. The taskbar may hide the Start button from the Start menu. If this happens, we can use Win + X to shut down the computer. Windows Insiders on ARM computers such as Surface Pro X will notice that Windows PowerShell will not start on this version. To work around the problem, use “Windows PowerShell (x86)” or “Windows PowerShell ISE (x86)” from the Start menu if you must use PowerShell. Or download the new modern PowerShell 7 that leverages ARM while running natively. In addition, the icon is prettier.

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