Microsoft releases version 21292 on Insider Dev Channel

One more week and after the first news from Sun Valley, Microsoft is continuing the active development of Windows 10 with the release of Build 21292 on the Insider Dev channel. It includes new improvements and bug fixes for the best possible experience.

Announcing Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 21292

– Windows Blogs (@windowsblog) January 13, 2021

What’s new in version 21292

News and Interest Improvements in the Taskbar

News & Interests seeks to display the latest news, weather and even real-time traffic conditions throughout the day at a glance. If we click on the traffic alerts, we can see all the information using a large screen map.

In addition, we can see the weather in real time, or see much more data by clicking on the corresponding map. Here we can see the feeling of temperature, humidity, pressure and even an interactive map where we can see the weather conditions of our street in real time. With Build 21292, Microsoft fixed a number of bugs and improved the experience, specifically:

Fixed a number of bugs that affected performance and stability. Fixed a bug where it was displayed empty after opening News and Interest. Fixed an issue where the text on the taskbar button could not be read by screen readers. Fixed a bug where it was not displayed correctly when using the small taskbar icons. Fixed an issue where the button was not showing content. Fixed an issue where it would not collapse when clicking outside the window or in the taskbar. Fixed a bug where the button was blurry. Fixed an issue where content would not reload when changing app background options. Fixed an issue where it was not minimizing when hovering over the window. Fixed a bug where it was not possible to navigate using the keyboard. A bug has been fixed where the option to show icon and text is reset after updating to the new version.

For now, this feature will only be available in the United States, Canada, Great Britain, Australia and India. As with all functionalities, it will be a gradual deployment, and above all, it will allow an evolution based on feedback.

Build 21292 changes

Settings> System> Sound will display a message when the microphone has not received permission for the system or all apps.

Fixes and Improvements

Fixed various bugs in 64-bit emulation on ARM64 devices. Specifically, bugs were fixed in Zwift, Serif, Affinity Photo and Your Phone, as well as blank pages on Steam. Fixed a bug where the message Critical error: your start menu is not working. Fixed an issue where explorer.exe would hang or crash, mainly when interacting with audio / video. A bug where NTFS would create false positives on write events has been fixed. Fixed a bug where Microsoft Teams and other apps would only show the schedule on the initial task manager screen. Fixed an issue where processes could not be sorted by status in Task Manager. Fixed an error where screenshot notifications were not sent after resetting / performing a new PC install. Fixed a bug where the Xbox taskbar would prevent the PC from responding if opened with a text editor. Fixed an issue when using a scale greater than 100% that if you opened and closed the Task Viewer, open windows would appear very large when returning to the desktop.

Known bugs

Some games like State of Decay 2 or Assassin’s Creed may crash when opening. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War will not launch. We may experience some rendering / graphics issues when resizing certain windows. If you minimize all apps and reopen them, this will be fixed. 32-bit systems can lose connection with this version. Miracast will not work properly in this version. Construction may take some time to install. Aero Shake is disabled in this version. To activate it, we need to go to the registry editor and create a new DWORD entry with the name DisallowShaking with the value 0: HKCU Software Microsoft Windows CurrentVersion Explorer Advanced. Live previews for pinned sites are not enabled for all Insiders so we can see a gray screen in the taskbar thumbnail. Microsoft continues to work to enable the new experience for websites pinned to the taskbar. In the meantime, we can detach it, delete the app, and re-pin it. Updating this version will cause the new news and interests menu to display the text and icon again. This layout may appear blank in some situations. You may not be able to hide the panel with touch or the stylus. The layout uses more space on the taskbar than you would like. The News & Interests button on the taskbar can always display information when the user logs in. News and Points of Interest will show content in one column before switching to two. Text on the News & Interests taskbar may be pixelated. The context menu on the taskbar overlaps with the news and interests menu. News and interests can use 100% of the processor when opened. Content sharing closes news and interests. Surface Pro X with the new Qualcomm Adreno driver will see the screen brightness reduced.

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