Microsoft Releases Version 21327 on Insider Dev Channel

One more week, new features are coming to Windows 10 through the Dev channel. After last week’s version 21322, little news, this week we have some great news coming to Windows 10 that you will love. On the one hand, they affect the News and Interests area and, on the other hand, the general design of Windows and its Start menu.

Hi #WindowsInsiders in Dev Channel! We have a new version (21327) for you. Be sure to check out the details in the blog and let us know what you think. ^ AL # AreYouFlightingYet

– Windows Insider (@windowsinsider) March 3, 2021

What’s new in version 21327

News and Interests launches a new design

The Windows Insider program team expresses its gratitude for the comments and information received in the News & Interests area. Thanks to this feedback, we now have a new design that will help us work better with the information we receive, with a new color scheme.

But on top of that, when we click on “See more news”, the experience is transferred to the browser with a new design. Thus, we can know the latest personalized news according to our tastes. Larger maps will display part of the article so you can learn more before you click.

Finally, they will also allow us to react more easily to current events. Thanks to the new graphic emojis, we can show our reaction to the news that we see. At the moment, the new design is only available for the US market, so we’ll have to wait and see it in other countries.

Build 21327 changes and improvements

Seasoned insiders will notice that the system icons have now been updated. The goal is for them to align with the Microsoft Fluent Design style. This version includes the new Segoe Fluent Icons font. The Start menu or the settings app will benefit from this change.

On ARM64 devices, the default PowerShell architecture is x64 instead of x86.

Fixes and Improvements

Fixed a bug where performance was lower in the Start menu and other modern apps in recent versions. They fixed an issue where the keyboard switch had the wrong background color when mouse hovering. This change will push a group of insiders to identify the causes of failure. Fixed a bug in the KANA input method on the touch keyboard. This did not persist when using Japanese keyboard layout 106/109. Fixed a bug in the new “Paste as text” option in the clipboard history. This option failed in some languages. Fixed an issue for some clipboard content where if we clicked on the first record something different got pasted. Fixed an issue where the emoji panel and IME draw window were out of bounds in recent versions. The bug that resulted in IRQL NOT LESS OR EQUAL when installing some applications is complete. Found the bug where the login screen and DWG were crashing. Fixed an issue where if our monitor was using HDR and our second monitor was using SDR, app thumbnails in the taskbar were displayed in black. Fixed a bug where changing screens would shrink or enlarge a screen. This is because we have monitors with different scaling (DPI). Fixed a bug where the PC would crash when put in tablet mode. Fixed an issue where there were slowdowns when attempting to record from a 144Hz or higher monitor. We found a bug where some games crashed in a multi-monitor setup. Found and fixed the issue that said we had new apps when starting Windows. Fixed an issue where updates could get stuck at 88%. Fixed an issue where MSIX packages could not be opened in recent versions.

Known bugs

Construction may take some time to install. Previews for pinned sites are not enabled for all Insiders, so we can see a gray screen in the taskbar thumbnail. Microsoft continues to work to enable the new experience for websites pinned to the taskbar. In the meantime, we can unpin it, delete the app, and pin it again.
[Noticias e intereses] They fix an issue where News and Interests might not be available when signing into Windows without internet access.
[Noticias e intereses] Sometimes information and interests cannot be ignored with a stylus.
[ARM64] Insiders who have the preview version of the Qualcomm Adreno graphics driver installed on the Surface Pro X may see lower screen brightness. This issue will be fixed in a future update. If you are experiencing this problem, see the Comments collection for more information. They are investigating insider reports that the Chinese text of the lunar calendar in the clock and calendar drop-down menu no longer displays correctly from the previous version. They are working on a fix for an issue that begins with the previous flight where status information is not showing in Settings> Update & Security> Windows Update while updating. There are reports that Insiders devices crash when an Xbox controller is connected while shutting down, restarting, or suspending a computer in recent versions of the Dev Channel. They are investigating an issue where devices with Bitdefender installed may experience a black screen and / or explorer.exe crashes after upgrading to builds 21313 and later. If you are running Bitdefender, you can choose to pause updates until they release a version with a fix. Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) users who upgrade to this version will not be able to use the GPU compute feature. They are working on a solution for this. Users who perform a new installation will not be affected. They are looking for a solution for an issue in which some devices with Realtek network adapters running driver version may experience intermittent loss of network connectivity. The About Settings page is not available in this release – we are working on a fix. If you need access to change the computer name, you can do so by running systempropertiescomputername.exe.

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