Microsoft Releases Version 21359 on Insider Dev Channel

Another week, we’re talking about an update for Windows 10 on the Insider Dev channel. After Build 21354, it is now the turn of Build 21359 which places particular emphasis on modifying the way TimeLine works. Let’s see what news has arrived with this new weekly update.

All @amanda_lango wanted for her birthday was a steal, so we decided to grant her wish! Build 21359 is active for #WindowsInisders in Dev Channel. Don’t forget to check out the blog:

– Windows Insider (@windowsinsider) April 14, 2021

What’s new in version 21359

Bug fixes and improvements in Build 21354

They added an option in the Power menu of the Start menu to restart apps after login by restarting the device. When this setting is enabled, change the option in Settings> Accounts> Sign-in options> Restart apps.

An option has been added in the Power menu of the Start menu to restart apps after login when the device restarts. If the activity history is synced between your devices through your Microsoft account (MSA), you will no longer be able to upload new activities to the timeline. Accounts connected to AAD will not be affected. To view web history, Edge and other browsers have the option to view recent web activity. You can also view recently used files through OneDrive and Office. Note: The timeline and all local activity history are still on Windows 10. They update the Ease of Access category in Settings to be called Accessibility. The Ebrima font has been updated to now support Bamum characters (Unicode block U + A6A0 to U + A6FF). Updated the Nirmala UI font family to improve the way Chakma characters are displayed when combined based on comments. Thanks to the Insiders who took the time to share their feedback on the new version of our Korean IME. For now, it is back to the version included in previous versions.

Fixed bugs

Fixed a bug that caused an issue when HDR was enabled, where SDR content was changed when the computer was locked or woke up. Fixed an issue where in some cases Auto HDR might not be enabled correctly for all available games. If you’re still having issues, contact the team through the Feedback Center, or on their Twitter (@ DirectX12) or DirectX Discord. Fixed the issue from the previous version, where in some cases user accounts were migrated during the update, but the user profile was not. This issue occurred if a device was suddenly restarted during the update process. Fixed a bug where some cameras did not support the setting on the Camera Settings page when the camera was in use by another app. Fixed a bug where the Camera Settings page crashes on ARM devices. Addressed an issue where Windows Update settings could unexpectedly display two separate strings indicating that updates are managed by the organization. Fixed an issue where some unmanaged devices displayed “Some of these settings are hidden or managed by your organization” on the Settings> Update & Security> Windows Update page. Fixed an issue for WSUS users where the “Check for online updates from Microsoft Update” option in Windows Update settings was grayed out. Fixed an issue that caused some Insiders to notice frequent wuauclt.exe crashes. Fixed an issue that caused window frames to lose their shadows after locking and unlocking your PC. Fixed an issue that caused some users to see an ms-resource: AppListName entry in the Launch Apps menu list due to changing the Contacts app to no longer appearing in the Apps list. Fixed an issue that could cause a toast notification to appear at the top of the Action Center. Fixed an issue in previous updates where the UI would crash if you quickly use the touchpad gesture to switch between virtual desktops. Fixed an issue that affected the ability to use Miracast with some devices on recent versions. Addresses an issue that could cause the network connection to hang on some Ethernet and device configurations in an “Identify …” state recently. Fixed an issue that occurs after updating to recent versions, unable to connect through remote desktop until we restart the computer. Fixed an issue that caused the brightness controls to behave erratically on some devices on recent versions. Fixed an issue that affected some Insiders when playing some games in full screen on recent versions, resulting in an unexpected drop in frame rate. If you continue to have issues, please leave a comment. Fixed an issue that caused some games to crash on launch when Auto HDR was enabled. Addressed an issue for some devices that could cause the screen to display with only the mouse visible. If you continue to experience black screen issues after updating, press WIN + CTRL + Shift + B, then report it to the feedback center under Display and Graphics> Black Screen, giving as much detail as possible . Fixed an issue that caused some videos to appear distorted and pixelated on recent versions. Fixed an issue where some devices would receive the error messages “The following things require your attention …” when attempting to install a new version. An issue prevented international settings from working with PowerShell 7.1. Changed an issue that allowed language list updates using PowerShell commands not to sync with other devices if sync was enabled. Removed a race condition when using Pinyin IME that could prevent you from writing certain applications (until application restart) if you quickly type and select IME candidates. Fixed an issue where shortcuts were migrated to the new Windows Tools location where this PC appears with the display name “computer”.
[AÑADIDO] Fixed virtual GPU removal issue for Windows and Linux guests.

Known bugs

Construction may take some time to install.
[Noticias e intereses] Pressing ESC to close open content closes the entire area instead of the news.
[Noticias e intereses] Sometimes information and interests cannot be ignored with a stylus.
[ARM64] Insiders who have the preview version of the Qualcomm Adreno graphics driver installed on the Surface Pro X may see lower screen brightness. This issue will be fixed in a future update. If you are experiencing this problem, see the Comments collection for more information. They are investigating an issue where search items (including the search box in File Explorer) no longer display correctly in the dark theme. Some non-administrative applications, such as 3D Viewer and Print 3D, which were previously in the Windows Accessories folder, are now found in Windows Tools. These app shortcuts will be moved to Home with an upcoming bug fix. In the meantime, they remain accessible and accessible via Windows tools. The Windows Camera app is currently violating the default brightness settings set through the new Camera Settings page. Some cameras may not currently support the setting in the camera settings app when the camera is also in use by another app. Loading screens adapted to themes are not visible in this version. A fix is ​​in progress to reactivate it during a next flight. Split screen mode for Auto HDR does not work in this version. They are working on a fix for an issue that prevents some printers from being connected via USB after upgrading to Build 21354 and later. They are working on a fix that allows WSL users to find that File Explorer starts with lower performance after upgrading to version 21354 and higher.

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