Microsoft Releases Version 21382 on Insider Dev Channel

Yesterday, premeditatedly and mid-Friday afternoon, the Windows Insider team announced a new Build, the Build 21376 update that hits the Dev channel. This time we have to talk about Build 21382 which offers us new features and improvements in the Windows 10 Development Channel. Also, this version is the starting gun for Windows Insider Bug Bash.

We’re pulling a quick one this week and sneaking into a Friday flight for #WindowsInsiders! Build 21382 is now available! Check out the latest blog post for all the details! Https: //

– Windows Insider (@windowsinsider) May 14, 2021

What’s new in version 21382

HDR support is for applications that manage color

HDR mode changes the behavior of some creative and artistic applications that use the International Color Consortium (ICC) display color profiles, such as Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Lightroom Classic, and CorelDraw (among others). In the past, these applications were limited to the sRGB color gamut.

In this latest version, they added a new feature that allows these apps to get accurate colors and access the full gamut of our HDR display. To enable this feature, close the app, right-click the app icon and click Properties> Compatibility tab, then under Settings select “Use legacy display ICC color management”. This mark only has an effect in HDR mode.

Build 21382 – Bug fixes and improvements

As some insiders have noted, Device Manager now has the ability to display drivers alongside devices. The “Devices by Drivers”, “Drivers by Type” and “Drivers by Device” views allow users to view, install and remove drivers, while the new “Add Drivers” action allows users to add and install new drivers in all affected devices. Managing drivers directly is more intuitive in many situations than working with them on the devices they are installed on. So they expect developers and power users to take advantage of this added flexibility. This change was added in version 21343. The Start menu will launch to help users quickly access applications that want a fresh install or update. They updated the new generic folder icon in File Explorer to now show an indication when the folder has content. They updated the touch keyboard to use the Segoe UI Variable font and made some minor adjustments to the icons.

Fixed bugs

They fixed an issue from the previous version where, after updating some devices, a warning in the taskbar was displayed unexpectedly stating that the version of Windows 10 had reached end of service. Fixed an issue that affected the reliability of Explorer.exe. Addresses an issue that could cause several SearchProtocolHost.exe processes to crash. Fixed a memory leak that could cause DWM to unexpectedly use a large amount of memory over time. Fixed an issue that prevented some notifications from triggering. Fixed an issue that caused a delay in audio playback on ARM64 devices. Resolved an issue where new audio settings were not displayed on ARM64 devices. Fixed an issue that could cause some games to display a black screen on recent versions. Fixed an issue where selecting the System option after pressing WIN + X would simply open Settings and not navigate to the About page. An issue has been detected where some devices were unexpectedly listed twice on the Printers & Scanners page in Settings. Found the issue that could cause an error in Windows Update with error code 0x80070003. Fixed an issue that could cause rasterization when a colored mouse pointer was oversized. Fixed a bug where the italic style for the subtitles was not displayed in the list on the Subtitles page of settings. Fixed an issue where a non-functional and broken text candidate could be displayed on a Japanese keyboard in a 50 or 12-key layout. Fixed an issue that applied to incorrect spacing when using voice input to type parentheses. Fixed a bug that when using the handwriting panel to write Chinese, pressing the return key did not confirm the text.

Known bugs

An issue is being investigated where search items (including the search bar in File Explorer) do not display correctly with the dark theme. The Windows Camera app is currently violating the default brightness settings. During the update and on the initial splash screens, after the first login after the update, we can unexpectedly see some text that seems to be displayed in Times New Roman font.
[Noticias e intereses] An issue is being investigated where the drop-down menu may occasionally flicker in the upper left corner of the screen after clicking the taskbar button.

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