Microsoft Releases Version 21387 on Insider Dev Channel

For yet another week, the Windows Insider team has decided Friday night is the best time to release a release. Nevertheless, we bring you the news of this new Build, version 21387 which focuses on correcting errors rather than offering us new features. We’ll have to wait until Build Conference week to see if we start seeing any new features and the supposed new design.

Insiders: You are dumb.

* Activate the microphone

Happy Friday #WindowsInsiders on Dev Channel! Build 21387 is now live. Be sure to check out the blog for more details:

* Cut the mic # AreYouFlightingYet

– Windows Insider (@windowsinsider) May 21, 2021

Build 21387 fixes and improvements

The Internet Explorer 11 application has been removed from this release. Eco Mode has been turned off in Task Manager to readjust the experience and improve some issues that insiders see.

Fixed bugs

Fixed an issue in Build 21382 where when updating and on splash screens that were displayed after first login, the text was displayed in Times New Roman font. Fixed an issue that caused some Insiders to see errors when attempting to launch Notepad through the Run dialog. Fixed an issue for WSL users that prevented some Linux GUI applications from launching correctly via the shortcut that is automatically added to the Start menu. Fixed an issue where the PIN code could not be changed or reset. Fixed an issue where for some Insiders the Nightlight would go off immediately after being activated. Addresses an issue in recent versions where you could unexpectedly get a “We cannot find an audio device” error when attempting to play audio from a connected Bluetooth speaker. Fixed an issue where Explorer.exe could crash after repeatedly using the touchpad gesture to switch virtual desktop. An issue affecting the ability to print with USB printers has been resolved. An issue was detected that prevented the Windows Update page from responding after clicking Pause Updates. Found the issue that caused some devices to fail with error code 0xc1900101. Although this fix fixes the issue on some devices, there is a second issue that causes the same error code (below). They are working on a solution to this problem. Fixed an issue with updating .NET after installation. After upgrading to this version, the .NET upgrade should no longer be offered. If you experience this issue in this update, you may resolve the issue by stopping the updates. Fixed an issue that stuck with a DPC_WATCHDOG_VIOLATION error when using OneDrive Personal Vault. Resolved sudden stop of ctfmon.exe when using ATOK (a third party IME) if restoring was done from certain win32 applications.

Known bugs

An issue is being investigated where search items (including the search bar in File Explorer) do not display correctly with the dark theme. The Windows Camera app is currently violating the default brightness settings. They are working on a solution for some devices which when updating to this version see error 0xc1900101. When the update fails, it will revert to the previous version. If you have this bug, it is best to pause the updates until they find the solution.
[Noticias e intereses] Investigated an issue where the drop-down menu can sometimes flicker in the upper left corner of the screen after clicking the taskbar button.

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