Microsoft targets MacBook again in new Surface ad

Surface, the well-known Microsoft brand, was born with the goal of delivering quality products and serving as a spearhead and inspiration to other manufacturers who operate with Windows. Over time, the Surface has extended its tentacles beyond Windows 10Vu with devices like the Surface Duo itself. Now, after Intel’s recent announcements against the MacBook, it looks like the Surface has joined this offensive.

Surface brings out the trunk for versatility over the MacBook

It’s no secret that Apple relies heavily on ARM and that the success of the Apple M1 chip has been a downfall for the industry. Surface has always tried to position itself as something “different”, which goes beyond the standards set and seeks to create its own. In this ad, they show it.

As we can see, the ad compares a MacBook (ironically referred to as BacBook in the video) to a Surface Pro running Windows 10. It doesn’t compare CPU, SSD, build quality, screen quality, cameras or whatever. The comparison focuses on what Surface interests (how could it be otherwise): versatility.

In this announcement, Microsoft proudly shows how its product can double as a tablet and laptop thanks to its dockable keyboard, back tab and touchscreen. In the case of the MacBook, we have a great laptop, but nothing else.

The Surface 2-in-1 line of devices offer laptop-to-tablet versatility, allowing you to work from anywhere, anytime. Sign up for a demo.

– Microsoft India (@MicrosoftIndia) March 24, 2021

Some would argue that Apple could do the same with its iPad Pro and that Microsoft, to be honest, should compare its Surface Pro to that product. However, Microsoft knows exactly what it is doing. The iPad Pro does not have a desktop operating system and cannot be compared in terms of possibilities with the Windows 10 that the Microsoft team is putting together.

You could say that the Surface Pro is a great laptop that can function as a tablet for certain uses. On the other hand, the iPad Pro is a fantastic tablet that can replace our laptop in certain situations. Everyone has what their rival suffers from.

The next step for the Surface will be to compete with Apple in the upcoming new ARM era. To do this, you will more than ever need partners like Qualcomm or Intel up to the task. No one knows if they will be successful, but until then we continue to enjoy this healthy bite between companies.

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