Microsoft Teams Connect, a new way to share channels

Until now, collaborative work in Microsoft Teams has been based on teams. Teams have multiple channels in which work is done. For example, an HR work team might have multiple channels, each dedicated to the hiring process for a specific role. As we can see, this has some drawbacks.

In this example, all members of the department would have access to and be informed of all selection processes. However, generally not all members need to access all channels. To remove this change, Redmond introduces Microsoft Teams Connect.

Microsoft Teams Connect removes some platform limitations

Microsoft Teams Connect provides an easy way to share channels, not teams, with employees or third parties in your organization. Shared channels will appear in the main organization of users, so they don’t have to switch between companies to access those channels. The goal is to provide agile access that doesn’t interrupt the workflow.

How could it be otherwise, shared channels will benefit from all the collaboration features of Microsoft Teams: chat, meetings, real-time work on Office documents … And all of this will be accessible from the same screen on which we are working always.

Company administrators will remain in control of the data, with the ability to set policies to control how external users access data. With privacy and security being one of the pillars of Microsoft 365, Microsoft Teams Connect will benefit from the same management features as teams with external users.

At this time, Microsoft has not revealed when this feature will be available. The information they have provided to us from the Ignite event indicates that Microsoft Teams Connect is now entering its private preview phase and should reach all users throughout the year.

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