Microsoft Teams for Android now lets you use the blurry background

The Microsoft Teams app on Android is finally launching the ability to blur the background of meetings. This week, the company confirmed on the UserVoice forum that the popular feature is coming to Android devices.

Microsoft Teams meetings on Android will finally have a blurry background

The background blur effect uses artificial intelligence to hide everything around the user during team meetings while still being the main focal point. It’s a great tool for remote workers, especially those who want to maintain a bit of privacy while still sharing space with other family members. Users can activate it before starting the meeting or during the current conversation.

The company did not provide details on when the new feature would be available. And the Microsoft 365 roadmap has yet to list the feature. However, the company’s roadmap suggests that some features are expected to release later this month. Others include online message translation for Android, support for Together mode, and more.

The background blur feature will greatly improve the usability of the app on Android. Especially for people who rely heavily on office capacity. There is no word on when the feature will make its way to the Linux version of Microsoft Teams. But if in doubt, we suggest, as always, expressing your needs in the Microsoft Teams UserVoice.

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