Microsoft Teams integrates new functions in iOS and Android

Telecommuting has elevated Microsoft Teams and we no longer use it only in the office but also everywhere thanks to its applications for Android and iOS. Now we have new updates coming for smartphones.

New features are coming to Teams for iOS and Android

As always, the Microsoft Teams team is not resting and we now have new updates for the iOS and Android platforms. These updates come with some improvements, without going any further, in iOS the search in Teams has been improved. But, we will see in detail all the changes that have happened in iOS and Android.

What’s new in Microsoft Teams for iOS:

It’s now easier to search for a post and choose how to classify the results, by relevance or by age. Get suggestions by typing a search for the best results. So we can find what we are looking for before Find attachments and related files in the details tab of a meeting.

What’s new in Microsoft Teams for Android:

Participants can join the webinars from their phone or tablet. All meetings (even appointments) are online and we can easily share a link to the meeting.

Microsoft Teams keeps getting better with little details. It’s interesting to see how the Teams team continues to improve each month and offer new features. This happens on iOS, Android and also on Windows.

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