Microsoft Teams launches noise cancellation on macOS

One of the most critical issues, for some users, is noise during video calls or home calls. Many, fearing that the children in the house or other chores will be overheard, hesitate to call. However, as usual, Teams has a solution to these issues.

Last year, the Teams team surprised us all with a video where the sound of a sack of potatoes or a vacuum cleaner was completely suppressed. Although it sounds fictitious, the feature arrived in Windows 10 late last year. This feature is finally coming to macOS. Of course, we’ll have to wait until August for its rollout to end.

Team noise cancellation is finally coming to macOS

As you can imagine, noise cancellation comes from an Artificial Intelligence app that identifies our voice and filters out any noises like your dog chewing, hitting and barking. When the feature is activated, our colleagues can have a drink and the teams will automatically filter out annoying sounds.

To turn on noise cancellation, just open Settings> Device and turn on noise cancellation. As shown in the following screenshot, there are four settings for the noise cancellation Automatic (on by default), Low, High and Off. When the default “auto” is used, noise cancellation will be based on the ambient sound.

In order to reduce noise by removing all sound that is not the human voice, it is necessary to activate the “High” mode. This feature could affect the performance of our computers and will not be available on MacBooks with M1 processor for unknown reasons.

“We will start deploying this feature at the end of April and we plan to complete the deployment by the end of August. The high setting is not available for Mac users with an M1 processor, ”Microsoft said.

In addition to noise cancellation, Microsoft also offers native notification support for Teams on Mac. After the update turns on native notifications, users will be able to view Teams notifications in the operating system’s notification center, just like other apps do. On macOS.

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