Microsoft Teams now allows merging calls on the desktop

No one can doubt the great care the Teams team pays to user feedback. So much so that today we are going to tell you about a feature that users of the platform have been claiming for a long time: call merging. It is already being rolled out and before the end of April it should be available to all users (see Microsoft 365 roadmap).

Call merge is coming to Microsoft Teams

The call merger was presented in September of last year and is starting to roll out now, 7 months later, a sign of the time it will take to implement developments like this.

As the name suggests, call merge allows users to merge multiple VOIP and PSTN calls from teams into one call. This will help us to be more productive and increase comfort, avoiding having to create a new call.

At this time, this is an exclusive feature for the desktop versions of Teams. We hope that it will reach mobile applications soon. We will be there to let you know as soon as this happens. In the meantime, why not take a look at these five Microsoft Teams trivia?

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