Microsoft Teams now lets you automatically record meetings

The coronavirus crisis has forced big tech companies to take big communications strides. And Microsoft Teams has been one of the services that has evolved the most to keep up with the needs.

Don’t miss your meetings with Microsoft Teams

Now the company has just released a new update with which it begins to implement in the app the ability to automatically record meetings, a feature that is in great demand. And is that despite the fact that the option of recording calls has been available for a long time in the desktop application, the organizers of these had to activate recording manually.

So, when automatic call recording is configured, it starts automatically as soon as the first participant enters the meeting. This new function can be activated for a specific meeting as well as for a group of meetings. As before, private recordings will be hosted on OneDrive while channel recordings will be hosted on SharePoint.

Recorded until we say otherwise

This new feature, which can be activated by accessing the Meeting Options page with the “Auto Record” option enabled, will put an end to the headaches of forgetting to turn on call recording.

As we said before, in this way, once this option is enabled, all calls made will be recorded automatically without us having to do anything else. In closing, I just want to make it clear that, as some Onmsft colleagues have commented, this feature is being implemented gradually, so it won’t be available to all users until mid-July. What do you think of this new Microsoft Teams feature? What other features do you think the app should add?

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