Microsoft Teams now makes it easier to download an attendance report

Microsoft Teams is helping businesses and institutions around the world get better organized in times of pandemic and telecommuting. One of the main needs when it comes to large groups and organizations is to keep track of meeting attendance. Attendance reports used to exist in Teams, but now it’s going to be easier than ever to get them. Let’s see how!

Monitoring participation in Teams meetings will be easier and more immediate

Microsoft MVP Karoliina Kettukari announced the availability of this feature via Twitter. Now we can download the attendance report for a meeting when it ends with a single click. The report will download a CSV file that can be opened in Excel (with the desktop app or online) and display the person’s name, time they joined the meeting, time they left the meeting, the time at which it, his email and his role in the organization.

The easy attendance reports are now here! Super handy to download them directly from Teams with one click. Very detailed data inside – I know a lot of customers have lots of use cases for these! #MicrosoftTeams @MicrosoftTeams

– Karoliina Kettukari (@kettukari) March 25, 2021

Until now, these reports could only be downloaded before the end of the team meeting, so this is a substantial improvement. From what we’ve learned, the feature is being rolled out and should sooner or later reach us all.

If you take a look at user feedback in Microsoft Teams UserVoice, it looks like attendance reporting still isn’t as polished as it should be. Many people complain about the way attendance is recorded (eg only showing people who showed attendance early in a recurring meeting). Knowing the Teams team, they should fix these issues soon.

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