Microsoft Teams now supports live transcription during meetings

Microsoft Teams developers don’t breathe for a second. The team works hard to maintain its leadership position as the best collaborative working tool in the world. The latest feature we received will make meetings even more accessible: Live Transcription.

Microsoft Teams: hand in hand with accessibility

The first time this feature appeared on the Microsoft 365 roadmap was last year and now it’s finally marked as “Deployment,” as OnMSFT reports. This means that Microsoft Teams desktop users (Windows and MacOS) should be receiving it gradually as we write these lines.

Teams Live Transcription works, as its name suggests, transcribing the words of the speakers in real time. In addition, a recording of the transcript will be created once the meeting is over.

This feature will be particularly useful both in situations where we cannot hear well and for users who have hearing problems. In this way, Teams is committed to accessibility, removing barriers and bringing its grain of sand to make the daily life of these people a little easier.

Just yesterday, we learned that Teams will soon have the ability to quote messages in channels and chats, a feature highly requested by users to keep the thread going. Here we tell you all the news that will land in Teams in the months of March and April.

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