Microsoft Teams receives its new design based on Fluent Design

There has been talk for a while about the redesign of Microsoft Teams, an application that has become the epicenter of collaborative work deserving of better design. Now it looks like Microsoft is ready and has started distributing the new design across the web and in apps.

The new design incorporates, among other things, more refined icons. The Redmond giant seemed to have designed the icons with a wide brush and this update balances the design.

Microsoft Teams renews its design with touches of Fluent Design

Microsoft Teams version incorporates several changes, and we’ll be going over all the design work Microsoft has been doing for months. The Redmond giant then began testing with the Insiders in January.

For starters, the buttons are now rounded throughout the interface to accommodate Microsoft’s new design. It shows a lot more careful work in the design. We are happy to see this change because although it is aesthetic it helps us to work better.

On the other hand, we have new colors and a new background style. Dark mode is now darker and works better for other apps. This is very good news, we have been waiting for a long time for Microsoft to start unifying the dark theme. We have different dark theme apps on Windows and Microsoft needs to lead by example.

Also, one of the more obvious elements is the left panel which shows a few renewed icons. Icons are more stylized and adapt to Microsoft’s new design style by refining their finish.

Microsoft Teams is a key part of Redmond’s bet. This design change was necessary to demonstrate the tech giant’s commitment. We’ll see if Teams is still undergoing any changes or improvements in their design based on the feedback.

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