Microsoft Teams receives tasks on Android and iOS

Microsoft has finally announced the deployment of its new Tasks application for Microsoft Teams Android and iOS users. This feature started rolling out a week ago and should be available to everyone in mid-December.

Team tasks will help us increase productivity

The Tasks feature was announced by Microsoft in April of this year and has been available to Teams users on the desktop for two months. It’s a powerful tool that combines Microsoft Planner and Microsoft To-Do to deliver a unique and comprehensive task experience. According to Microsoft itself, the characteristics will be the same for the vast majority of desktop users. As a result, attachments and tags will be present.

The main difference is in the way our tasks are presented to us. While in the Desktop Tasks app we have four different view modes, the mobile app will only show “List” mode. According to the company, it’s the perfect way to better see and interact with tasks on smartphones.

It is important to remember that the Mobile Tasks app that will be integrated with Teams will not replace the Planner app for Android and iOS. Microsoft advises users to use the Tasks app to have a consolidated view of all our tasks and Planner to manage collaborative plans in other views.

To be able to use this new feature, Teams mobile users just need to click on the ‘More’ (…) option and select the ‘Tasks’ option. Keep in mind that the company is still rolling out this feature, so it may not appear yet. Be patient, in a maximum of a week this should appear. If you want to learn more, Microsoft teaches you how to use the tasks app in Microsoft Teams.

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