Microsoft Teams Releases New Fluent Design Icons and Design Improvements

Microsoft is rolling out updates to Teams for users enrolled in the new Public Preview program. It’s a show that happened last month. This month’s updates bring style changes, including new background colors and adjustments to the default and dark themes.

We discovered the new icons and the team design

The company released the Public Preview program to allow more users to test and give feedback on features and changes before they are released to all users. This branch has been added to existing channels in beta and private preview, reserved for companies only. Interestingly, a “Developer Preview” option also appears for home users.

Now let’s talk about the latest update for Microsoft Teams. The service now features a subtly adjusted design with drop shadows between the vertical panels to better differentiate the columns. The company has also adjusted the default themes, including the dark theme with updated colors for the background. We are new to Teams, the new Fluent Design icons with rounded corners will be introduced next month. The Redmond giant indicates that updates are underway to modernize the offer and make it “consistent” with other Microsoft 365 applications.

These changes affect the new public preview channel. From this point on, we shouldn’t have to wait long for it to reach the rest of the users and we can enjoy it in our everyday life. As always, we leave you the complete information regarding these news, the support document. Additionally, this document explains how to sign up for this Microsoft Teams channel. Of course, we remind you that for professional or educational accounts, this will be in the hands of the IT administrators who are responsible for them.

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