Microsoft Teams switches to WebView2 to be faster

One of the surprises we saw during the Windows 11 presentation yesterday was about Microsoft Teams. The popular messaging app will be integrated into the operating system, making it easier to communicate with friends and family. But of course those who use Teams on a daily basis know that the experience can be a bit tough for teams with low specs, but that will change.

Teams abandons Electron and makes the jump to WebView2

It seems that one of the more interesting developments in Windows 11 is that it folded EdgeHTML WebView in favor of Chromium-based WebView2. This allows the entire system to move much smoother and reduce resource consumption.

The same thing happens with Microsoft Teams leaving Electron to switch to WebView2. This considerably streamlines the operation of the application and allows new options. Microsoft’s own engineers have insisted that this change in architecture required a drastic change in the application. It works as a hybrid app without Angular and 100% based on ReactJS.

With this change, we are taking a major step forward in the #MicrosoftTeams Teams architecture. We are moving from Electron to Edge Webview2. Teams will continue to remain a hybrid app, but it will now be powered by #MicrosoftEdge. Angular is also gone. We are now 100% on reactjs

– Rish Tandon (@rishmsft) June 24, 2021

This, for those who do not know all these names, results in a memory consumption of half and will allow them to offer us new functions. Of course, we will still have to wait to find out the details on this. But it looks like the user experience will be enhanced with this change, having the WebView from the old EdgeHTML gave a lot of headaches.

As you know, Teams will integrate with Windows 11 as part of the work done in WebView2. It’s been six months of hard work for the team, and with the move to WebView2, you’ll feel a lot smoother and less clutter-free when working with this integration in Windows 11. Something essential for people to keep working on. use it.

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