Microsoft Teams takes inspiration from Instagram and will have call filters

Video calling has gone from something stuck in the 2000s past with the first smartphones with a camera for video calling to a trend. Microsoft Teams is one of many tools, like Zoom or Blue Jeans, and has seen its popularity skyrocket during the pandemic.

However, it is also true that video calls do not go well. Whether due to the camera, the darkness of the room, or other factors, the image does not accurately reflect us. But in the Teams team, they already have a solution inspired by Instagram filters.

Teams will have Instagram-style beauty filters

Microsoft is currently developing a new feature for Microsoft Teams to allow users to customize their appearance like we already do with Instagram. This new feature called Video Filters will adjust lighting levels, soften facial features, and adjust certain parameters to fine tune our appearance.

The next Instagram-inspired video filters feature appears to be an effort to add more user-friendly features to Teams. While many users may find it somewhat unnecessary, it complements other consumer-centric features, such as the ability to set up a virtual background.

Note that Microsoft was not the pioneer, before them the people of Zoom added this functionality some time ago (given the results of Instagram). We hope that this function did not mark that you are using the Microsoft tool or the like. But, very soon, you will be able to customize your appearance in Teams video calls.

Finally, a small detail, the functionality of video filters is currently in the development phase. This means that this feature will take some time to become available. But we won’t have to wait any longer either, as Microsoft plans to make the feature available to the general public next month. However, the exact release date is not known at this time.

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