Microsoft Teams will add native notifications and live reactions

Microsoft Teams is nice. How many days of the week is there new information to share with you about new features in Teams? The pace of development is very high and Teams users appreciate it. The competition is fierce and every detail can make a difference when it comes to providing the best service. Yesterday they presented a new gallery of funds. Today we come to let you know about two new features coming soon to Teams. Both are already available in the app preview: support for native notifications and live reactions.

Native notifications are coming to teams in Windows 10

Until now, Microsoft Teams had to show notifications through the service provided by the desktop app. However, many users have expressed a desire for Teams to integrate with native Windows 10 notifications.

Windows notifications instead of Teams client notifications work in the preview client! Finally, #MicrosoftTeams notifications “listen” to your debug / silent hours settings in Windows 🙂

– Maarten Eekels (@maarteneekels) December 10, 2020

What advantages would it have? The first is consistency. It is desirable that all services notify in the same way and that we can manage our notifications from one place. Simplicity and accessibility for users. Second, and as Maarten Eekels points out in the attached tweet, this will allow Teams to respect our Windows 10 “Focus Assist” settings. It is really impractical to have set a period without notifications so as not to be disturbed and that some programs not integrated with Windows notifications do not respect it.

To test this feature, you must be Microsoft Teams Preview users. To activate it, simply go to the “Settings” menu and, later, in the “Notifications” section, choose the “Windows” option among the options offered by the “Types of notifications” menu.

For now, the new feature is available in the Teams web app and will not yet be available for use by Mac users; its arrival on both systems was scheduled for December of this year after numerous delays and it is not known. if it will finally happen. months or it will take a little longer.

Live feedback will make meetings more interactive

Live reactions in @MicrosoftTeams will be available soon. 👏 ❤️ 😁

Respond in a meeting using emojis to provide instant feedback.

– Microsoft 365 (@ Microsoft365) July 10, 2020

The second feature that will start testing in the Teams preview is what’s known as live reactions. Thanks to them, as can be seen in the GIF of the attached tweet, meeting participants will be able to express their emotions through emojis. This is a feature already present in other similar services and in high demand by Teams users.

With this feature, we can communicate our opinion of what the speaker is saying in a very simple way without having to speak and interrupt. It’s a great way to collect feedback and make meetings even more interactive. Using live reactions is very easy; They will be available in the call bar itself, as shown in the attached tweet image.

#Meeting reactions are now available on #MicrosoftTeams Public Preview!

👍 ❤ 👏 😁https: //

– Matti Paukkonen | MVP | (@mpaukkon) December 11, 2020

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