Microsoft Teams will allow new participants to block meetings

Microsoft Teams will soon include the ability to lock meetings to prevent new meeting participants from entering the meeting. This feature will help organizers have more control over meetings.

More control over Teams meetings for admins

To date, how could it be otherwise, Teams already allows organizers to decide who can join a meeting. However, once the meeting begins, strangers can still submit requests to try to join. This is what this new feature, which will soon arrive in the application, intends to change.

Here’s how the Microsoft 365 roadmap refers to the “meeting lock” feature:

In the Teams desktop app, hosts can choose to lock meetings to prevent further connection attempts. Anyone trying to join will be notified that the meeting is locked and is not admitting new participants.

This feature will be very well used by meeting planners in medium and large companies due to the large number of potential participants and the difficulty in controlling them. Additionally, it is ideal for teachers to “penalize” students who are consistently late by preventing them from requesting access.

As the roadmap indicates, this feature is expected to arrive in May 2021. However, we already know that these dates are always subject to last minute changes and this wouldn’t be the first time that a feature has been delayed by several. month.

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