Microsoft Teams will allow you to define the duration of presence states

During Ignite 2020, Microsoft announced that it was working to improve presence statuses in Microsoft Teams. Users have demanded changes in this feature, to avoid after-hours messages and misunderstandings due to lack of response. As part of this change, the “Offline” status arrived last month and the people of Redmond continued to work there.

Now, in the presence status menu, users can decide the duration of the set status. For example, we can indicate that we are going to be busy for two hours. In this way, we can carry out other activities outside of teams and prevent our colleagues from sending us messages or inviting meetings.

Presence keeps improving in Microsoft Teams

To open the presence status menu, click on our avatar at the top and click on our status (it will put “available” normally). From there we can indicate that we are busy, away, disconnected … However, every time we come back to the app we had to change status again.

With the new duration feature, we can select any of these statuses and set it for a period of 30 minutes, one hour, two hours, all day or all week. At the end of the period, we will be available or absent again depending on our use of the app.

In addition, we will have a custom option, in which we can establish other time ranges for the duration of the presence status in Microsoft Teams. We must keep in mind that this status will be displayed until the end of its duration, whether we have events or appointments scheduled in the calendar.

This improvement comes after updating the service with the inclusion of surveys or the removal of noise in calls. As we can see, Microsoft is closely following the opinions of its users regarding an application that has become the center of the Microsoft 365 ecosystem.

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