Microsoft Teams will bring noise cancellation to Mac, iOS and Android

Just a month ago, we informed you of the arrival of artificial intelligence-based noise cancellation in video calls made with Microsoft Teams on Windows PCs. With this feature, we can participate in massive calls without the background noise of other participants ruining the experience. Any unwanted noise is filtered out by artificial intelligence, so we don’t have to ask participants to mute their microphones every now and then.

Mac, iOS and Android will benefit from one of Teams’ most useful features

Teams AI Noise Suppression works by analyzing each individual’s audio signal. Thus, thanks to specially trained neural networks, filter the noise and let only the voice signal pass. Today, the Microsoft Teams team announced that this feature will not stay in Windows and will soon also reach Mac and mobile (iOS and Android).

This is an announcement of great relevance, because during the presentation of this feature no mention was made of these platforms. However, everything we’ve learned from Microsoft Teams during this time has shown that they’re not going to orphan the rest of a feature that makes such a big difference to the quality of video calls.

How to turn on noise cancellation in Teams

To turn on noise cancellation in Teams, follow these steps:

Select your profile picture in the top right corner of Teams and click on “Settings”. In the “Devices” tab, select one of the options available in the “Noise cancellation” drop-down menu (low, medium or high) If we are in the middle of a meeting, just click on “More options” and, in “Device settings”, under “Noise cancellation”, choose an option.

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