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The app that brings together all Microsoft services, Teams, has grown so much that in some cases it may seem slow or not perform well. This is why the Redmond giant improves the performance of the application on all operating systems, including Mac OS X.

Team performance on Mac will improve

It is true that many users who use Teams on Mac complain about the performance of the app. And it looks like the team behind this app has heard the complaints and is already working on an update that will improve Teams performance on Mac. The update is believed to reduce massive CPU usage on Mac computers by improving the overall performance of the computer.

Additionally, Microsoft has confirmed that it is “aggressively attacking other areas of performance around the Mac client.” However, the company has not given an estimate of when these changes will be available in the Teams client for Mac. However, since Microsoft has started working on it, we expect the changes to be available to Teams users soon.

Coincidentally, Teams supports Apple’s Touch Bar. It seems Microsoft itself is better suited to Cupertino hardware than the manufacturer. We can have quick access to turn the camera or microphone on and off, raise our hand, or leave a meeting.

The Teams team is also working on other features that will reach all platforms. Among other things, the possibility of downloading the list of participants in a meeting. Students will also be allowed to write to teachers. The reality is that this app continues to grow and improve to facilitate collaborative work in schools and businesses at all levels.

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