Microsoft Teams will improve polls with Microsoft Forms

Microsoft found its latest big business success in Microsoft Teams. This collaboration tool that competes directly with others like Slack has carved out a niche in the market and made many users fall in love. Moreover, being an Office product, it integrates with all the services that exist or even that will eventually arrive.

We saw some concepts of new designs, integration with Salesforce, or improvements in meetings. Thanks to the Microsoft 365 roadmap, we can know when different improvements or new features are coming to the service. One of the next will do so in November and will feature the integration of new Microsoft forms.

Simple and accessible surveys in Microsoft Teams

As they were able to show via TechCommunity, from within Microsoft Teams we can create polls in their own tab of a meeting. This will also allow them to be displayed in the middle of a survey and any user independent of the platform will be able to respond. All of these options will benefit Microsoft Forms and will be configured as we see fit.

In the case of an impromptu meeting, you can also create the survey on site and review the results as needed. Moreover, in any case, we can export the results and take a look thanks to Excel.

All of the improvements Microsoft Teams bring is more than welcome, bringing new features that different teams can use depending on their needs. All these improvements will reach all users in November 2020, that is to say in just a few weeks.

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