Microsoft Teams will include a Most Wanted section

In large organizations, it can be difficult to find what we’re looking for in Teams. The collaboration platform has countless content and we need to be able to navigate it well. That’s why the Redmond giant is looking to improve search in Teams with the addition of the “Top Hits” section.

Most Wanted or “Top Hits” will be sent to Microsoft Teams

Microsoft plans to improve the search functionality on its Teams collaboration platform by adding a new “Top Hits” section. In fact, the improved search functionality will help users find relevant files and other items they might be looking for. This information appeared in the Microsoft 365 schedule and could be ready in March.

The “Best Bets” section, powered by Microsoft Search, should dramatically speed up the Teams search process by showing the most popular results in the results. For example, if a user searches for the term “deadline,” Microsoft Teams will intelligently scan other users, chat messages, and shared files to quickly display the most relevant suggestions at the top of search results.

Now that we see the idea, it makes perfect sense. In general, our colleagues will search for the same thing and this will reduce search times in Teams. Its relevance might be even higher when searching for relevant files with similar names.

In addition to Top Hits, we may have a completely redesigned search results page very soon. This will provide better context and faster results. The new search results page in Teams should be available in June. Although this date is subject to possible changes. Anyway, some interesting features await us for the next few months that we will not lose sight of.

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