Microsoft Teams will integrate Fluid Framework and improvements in Together mode

Of course, the Build couldn’t forget one of last year’s star services. We’re talking about Microsoft Teams and how its importance has grown within Microsoft. Remember that Build 2021 is once again a virtual event but no less interesting for that. This time, we have a lot to tell you because the teams will have a strong presence throughout the year.

Fluid Framework and everything that happens to Microsoft Teams

The Redmond giant chose not to acquire Slack a few years ago and to power its own solution like Teams instead. Last year was bound to be a great year for the Teams team and since then they have continued to integrate features like Viva. But one of the main strengths of Teams is its great integration with third-party apps. To be able to integrate solutions into the platform and thus increase our potential users.

New All-You-Can-Eat Set Mode

For Teams app developers, there is new integration of shared scenarios, meeting event APIs, together mode extensibility, and direct API access for developers to Teams features such as audio streams. and video, as well as transcription, translation, note taking, information gathering, and much more.

Among these new features, the ability to create our own Ensemble mode will probably be one of the most popular. This allows you to personalize the experiences and even give a more corporate approach to these types of experiences. Instead of sitting at a generic desk, make it a corporate desk. Customizable backgrounds are coming to Microsoft Teams.

Third-party license enhancements

IT admins and users will soon be able to purchase third-party app licenses directly from the Microsoft Teams app store and the Teams admin center. The key here is the ease of integrating third-party licenses into Teams which will arrive in beta this summer. Of course, configuration will be critical, as user purchasing of services should (probably) be limited to an internal workflow for the expense aspect and also ensure that the software does not violate a compliance requirement.

Fluid Framework arrives in Teams

But we would like to highlight Fluid Framework among all the news announced. Microsoft has announced that Fluid components will be available in a private preview, as shown in the image, and will be rolled out to more customers later this year. These new components can be used in team chat and allow sending a message with a table, actions or list that can have multiple authors, thus minimizing the need for long discussion threads and meetings.

As you can see, Fluid Framework allows multiple people to edit at the same time. This is a job that Microsoft has been involved in for a long time and is gradually reaching more and more Office applications. The arrival in Teams is great news for its expansion and improved functionality.

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