Microsoft Teams will integrate the famous Slack tags

Microsoft Teams is growing at a spectacular rate. Its excellent reception in companies and institutions is an undeniable fact carried by the pandemic and the new needs associated with it. This growth has come at the expense of Slack, its big competitor.

Beacons could land in Microsoft Teams this summer

While Teams has brought great ideas and innovations to the industry, a lot has already been invented. This is the case with the possibility of assigning labels to people within the same team, a function already present in Slack and which will soon arrive in Teams.

Here is the description of the feature that we can read in the Microsoft 365 roadmap:

This set of APIs can be used to assign tags to users within a team, making tag creation and management quick and easy. Teams tags allow users to refer to a set of individuals without having to @mention them all one at a time. Users can use the tags to start a discussion or by mentioning the tag itself in a channel post. For more information about them, see “Use Tags” in Teams. “With the new APIs, developers can now create tags in a team and assign users to them, as well as get a list, update, or remove tags from a team.

In the roadmap, we can see how the launch date for this new feature is June 2021. However, we already know that these dates are not final and are subject to change depending on the progress of development. Labels will be especially useful for large teams in which there are well differentiated work groups.

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