Microsoft Teams will integrate webinar and analytics thanks to its “Pro” plan

Microsoft will add a new service plan focused on Microsoft Teams, which will be added to the work and education subscriptions of your subscription plan. The plan, called Teams Pro, will arrive in mid-March and further improve the business center approach Redmond takes for the service.

If last week we saw how Microsoft Viva would be a worker-centric integration, in the form of a social network, with features and learning modules, now we are going further. With Teams Pro, the Redmond team will integrate webinars and analytics tools for meetings based on artificial intelligence.

Microsoft Teams Pro, a way to increase the value of service in business

According to the message published by Microsoft, Teams Pro will arrive in mid-March in Microsoft 365 Business Basic, Business Standard, E3, E5, A3 and A5 environments. What the company does not specify is whether it will be a paid or free add-on. It is not unreasonable to think of a free add-on to differentiate these versions of Microsoft 365.

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Teams Pro will make the app just one more provider to create and host a webinar, which is so trendy today. Currently, the app supports this possibility, but it is linked to Dynamics 365 Marketing and it is not a fully accessible option for the user.

This way, those in Redmond could offer this option in a user-friendly way, for example by integrating it with Microsoft Viva or the Microsoft Teams calendar. These webinars will include live public events, in which there will be moderated chat.

Meeting Insights, analyzes to find out if the participants enjoyed the meeting

This Teams Pro plan will include a series of analyzes based on artificial intelligence. While Microsoft has not specified what they will be based on, it appears the goal is to improve meeting attendee satisfaction. To do this, Meetings Insights will use certain algorithms to provide you with content before, during and after meetings.

Meetings Insights analytics will be available for business users of Office 365 and Microsoft 365 on iOS and Android, as well as through Outlook for the web. This feature will help us deliver relevant content in the meeting invitation and during the conference.

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