Microsoft Teams will let you schedule meeting recording

One of the features most historically claimed by Teams users will “soon” become a reality. This is the ability to schedule call recording, a feature that has received 1,433 votes in Microsoft Teams UserVoice since its request in September 2018. Three days ago, someone from the Teams team confirmed. in a response that they were working on the implementation of such a feature.

The teams are attentive to their users

Although there is no specific date for the arrival of this feature, Alex, a Microsoft Teams engineer, says, “The team is currently working on this request. As soon as it is available, we will let you know ”.

The ability to schedule meeting recording to automate it is something that users have been waiting for a long time. It is very common to have to record a meeting and forget it at startup. With this feature, users can determine in advance whether they want to record a future meeting.

Microsoft Teams already has 145 million daily users and that’s partly thanks to actions like this. They have shown that they listen to user feedback and this is something they greatly reward. Teams has become the ultimate collaborative work tool after the pandemic caused by COVID-19. This week there have been some important developments such as the electronic signature revolution by Adobe and the renewal of the call interface.

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