Microsoft Teams will make it easier to manage active meetings

The Redmond team continues to work hard to make Microsoft Teams the best team coordination service. And they do this by introducing new features that make up for some of the app’s shortcomings or by improving the user experience.

Improve meeting management

And that’s what the company will be doing with the next update to Microsoft Teams. An update that some users are already testing that will allow meeting presenters and organizers to better manage them. This will be possible thanks to a new option called “meeting options”.


Until now, meeting options were always available in the initial setup screen of a meeting, which will change with this new update, as this option will also be displayed during a call. This way, meeting organizers can view and update these options without leaving the meeting. Something that will make your management much easier.

Will be available in the coming weeks

From said new options menu, which will be located in the sidebar, we can manage who can skip the screen, which is announced when a member joins or leaves a meeting, who can present or grant permission to the rest of the members activate your microphone.

This update, which is already being tested by some users of the application, is dated Microsoft’s roadmap to be released in November. We therefore hope that this will be available to other users in the coming weeks. What do you think of this news? What other functions would you add to the app?

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