Microsoft Teams will support webinars with up to 20,000 attendees

Microsoft Teams has become one of the pillars of Microsoft 365. The COVID19 pandemic has caused an unprecedented acceleration in digitization processes around the world. Thus, those of Redmond have equipped the service with all the possible characteristics to meet the demands of their customers and make it a teleworking “hub”.

One of the most requested features was the inclusion of webinars on the platform, avoiding the use of third-party services with their added cost. Thus, companies could use the service as a learning point for their employees. From that we got to see some brushstrokes when presenting Microsoft Viva, but now we see its full integration into Microsoft Teams.

Webinars and all their features are coming to Microsoft Teams

Creating a webinar isn’t just about creating a meeting and inviting attendees, as is often done in Microsoft Teams. Webinars require additional features such as custom registration forms, in which attendees can register, or statistics on the progress of the presentation. For example, the service will provide a report at the end of the webinar with data on the number of participants, audience peaks, retention time …

Of course, organizers will be able to turn off video and audio for attendees, and presenters will have new options for viewing their presentation. Regarding the number of participants, webinars with up to a thousand participants can be created. However, if it is an event in which the participants will be only listeners, the figure rises to 20 thousand people.

This number of participants is marked by the health crisis we are going through. However, Microsoft says the webinar limit in Microsoft Teams will be lowered to 10,000 as of June 30. It should be noted that this new feature will be included in all Microsoft 365 plans for businesses at no additional cost.

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