Microsoft Teams will take advantage of the MacBook Pro Touch Bar

Microsoft Teams is constantly evolving, trying to deliver the best experience no matter what platform it is used on: Windows 10, MacOS, iOS, Android or the web. One of the goals of the team in charge is to try to take advantage of all the features of the devices to get a better experience.

On this occasion, those of Redmond confirmed that Microsoft Teams would benefit from the Touch Bar of Apple’s MacBook Pro. In this way, users can enjoy a simpler interface on the screen, keeping the necessary controls on the touch bar.

Team orders will appear in the touch bar

The Touch Bar appeared as one of the great novelties of the MacBook Pro, being the first integration of a touch interface. However, few developers have made great use of this feature.

Microsoft Teams will display several of the most common meeting commands in the MacBook Pro Touch Bar. Specifically, they specify that we can mute the microphone, start / stop a video, open the sharing dialog, open the participants panel, or raise our hand to ask to speak.

Photo taken by IM3847

At the moment, this feature is in development according to the Microsoft Teams roadmap. The planned release date is January 2021 and it will appear directly in the stable version of the app for MacOS. Therefore, Apple users won’t have to wait to test out the new touch controls.

This news comes shortly after Microsoft added new video filters for “Together Mode” or integrated the app with Windows 10 notifications. Additionally, we can speculate on a possible integration of Microsoft Teams controls in the future. Wonder Bar, which will be one of the main improvements to the Windows 10X keyboard.

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