Microsoft Teams will use artificial intelligence to eliminate noise

Microsoft Teams continues to improve in leaps and bounds, with the company led by Satya Nadella introducing new features almost every week. On this occasion, we will have a new feature that uses artificial intelligence techniques to reduce background noise in calls. Windows 7, Windows 8.1, and Windows 10 users will get this option in November.

No more annoying noises in Microsoft Teams meetings

The artificial intelligence of Microsoft Teams will not only eliminate the noise produced by our microphone, but also minimize other details. For example, this will prevent that during meetings we hear the noise of pens, keyboards, mice … and other annoying noises that are frequent during conferences.

The folks at Redmond have been training this artificial intelligence for months using their internal meetings. The function analyzes the audio source and uses the company’s deep neural network to reduce noise. In addition, Microsoft Teams will allow us to choose the level of suppression that we want to apply during calls.

If we choose the “high” mode, the application will perform aggressive background noise suppression. Therefore, we will have to do several tests to see which is the best option for our working environment. The feature will run in the background on a wide range of devices, starting with Windows 10 desktops, but will reach smartphones and tablets as well.

The company hasn’t disclosed an exact date to update the Microsoft Teams app with this feature, but the roadmap suggests November will be the month of choice for desktop users. Therefore, workers who have switched to the Google and Apple platforms will have to wait a little longer to see how their background noise does not show up in meetings.

This improvement comes shortly after work to improve the presence functionality of Microsoft Teams. This way, employees can view when they are out of the office and log into the app without their coworkers seeing that they are logged in.

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