Microsoft Teams will work best with bad connections

Microsoft Teams is a great communication tool and is especially important in businesses and educational institutions around the world. However, Teams is not perfect and it also has its weak points. One of them is, without a doubt, its poor performance when we have a bad or unstable connection. Now, finally, it looks like this inconvenience will soon become a thing of the past.

You can use Microsoft Teams even if you don’t have a good connection

This important innovation that will help democratize the use of Microsoft Teams is known as “low data mode”. When enabled, we’re going to make the app consume less data or bandwidth, which is also useful for those who want to save on it for any other reason.

Here is Microsoft’s description of “low data mode” in the Microsoft 365 roadmap:

Whether you want to save data or are in a location with a limited internet connection, sometimes it helps if you can limit the amount of data you use during a video call. With the new “Low Data Mode”, users will be able to overlay the amount of data used during a Teams video call and set different parameters depending on the connection.

In principle, this feature will start arriving in Teams during that same month, without having a specific date for the start of its deployment. Interestingly, it looks like it will only be available in the Microsoft Teams desktop client, but not in the web version. Perhaps

It’s always a pleasure to see how Microsoft is working on all possible fronts to make Teams better. In fact, we recently saw that the app has received a design update based on Fluent Design. Hopefully those at Redmond will continue to look to improve the teams experience and take it through more corners.

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