Microsoft To-Do will improve the way to invite shared lists

Microsoft To-Do already allows us to share our to-do lists with other users. To share a list, you need to create an invite link and share the link with others using the email or messaging app.

Microsoft To-Do will make sharing lists easier

Right now we have a great capacity when it comes to list sharing. Although this capability continues to grow with each update to the service. Let’s see the existing options:

Sharing between Microsoft personal accounts Sharing between accounts within the same workplace or in the same training Sharing of Microsoft personal accounts on work accounts, provided an administrator in the organization has enabled this feature.

Microsoft recently announced that it is working on a redesigned sharing experience for Microsoft To-Do. This new uninvited list shared on To-Do will allow users to share the list with other users using their names / email addresses. This new sharing experience will arrive in February 2021.

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