Microsoft to strengthen IoT security with purchase of ReFirm Labs

The Redmond giant is doing its shopping again and this time bought ReFirm Labs. To put you in the situation, ReFirm Labs is developing an open source product for analyzing the security of Binwalk firmware. The goal is to improve the security of IoT devices through device firmware. One of the most vulnerable areas in general and which will now be much more protected.

ReFirm Labs, Microsoft’s commitment to IoT security

Yesterday the deal was officially announced and the following statement was made regarding the acquisition of ReFirm Labs “will enhance chip-to-cloud protection capabilities” that Microsoft offers on the IoT front.

ReFirm Labs, based in Fulton, Md., Says its open source Binwalk technology has been used by more than 50,000 organizations around the world. (The ReFirm team introduced Binwalk Open Source in 2010 and founded Refirm Labs in 2017). Its motto for Binwalk Enterprise is “Find security holes in your device before attackers do.”

Microsoft promotes ReFirm as a tool that will allow you to perform firmware and security analysis. This way, teams that work somewhere between the server and the IoT team will be more secure.

“The addition of ReFirm Labs to Microsoft will bring world-class expertise in firmware security and the Centrifuge firmware platform to enhance our ability to analyze and protect firmware backed by the power and speed of our software. cloud, ”they wrote on Microsoft’s blog.

Microsoft already owns Azure Defender for IoT and recently acquired CyberX to help strengthen IoT security. Microsoft employees said in June that CyberX technology would complement other Microsoft Azure IoT services, as well as products like Azure Sentinel, in a way that would help identify threats that could span converged IT and operational networks. (OT).

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