Microsoft unveils Windows 11 File Explorer interface

Windows 11 is here and we love it. The visual rejuvenation of the Windows interface is very successful and will delight users. This modernization is not limited to the operating system but extends to pre-installed applications. How could it be otherwise, File Explorer is one of them and Microsoft has “leaked” its new design in a few images in this video.

A more beautiful and minimalist file explorer for Windows 11

First of all, we need to inform you that this is not a “new” file explorer in the sense of “built from scratch”. This is simply a major overhaul of the explorer that has accompanied us for many years and its importance in the Windows environment.

The new file explorer is distinguished by removing the classic “ribbon” at the top and replacing it with a series of functions with their respective icons that provide a much cleaner and more user-friendly interface.

Additionally, it will show “Mica”, the new design element introduced by Microsoft, which consists of the application taking the main color of the wallpaper and using it to create a “transparency effect” in part of the interface. .

In addition, we now have new icons for folders and directories, as we can see in this image from several months ago in which the new file explorer design had not yet been applied, but the changes to the records had been applied.

Source: Microsoft

In addition, the explorer now has a new icon. It’s not much different from Windows 10 but we just have to notice the change. It wouldn’t make a lot of sense not to accompany this great Explorer makeover without a new icon, right?

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