Microsoft Viva begins to take its first steps

Last month, the company headed by Satya Nadella announced Microsoft Viva. For those who don’t remember, this is a social, analytics, and learning platform built into Microsoft Teams. Its purpose is, mainly, to help teleworkers in the integration of the company. This experience is divided into three modules: Connections, Insights and Learning.

Microsoft Viva Connections, available on the desktop

The social part of Microsoft Viva is Viva Connections. It’s a kind of dashboard that combines recent activity on SharePoint documents with news, conversations, and other resources of interest. Connections provides interesting information for employees, so they know what’s going on in the company at a glance.

SharePoint administrators can now enable this experience on the desktop version. Viva Connections will be integrated with Microsoft Teams once it is activated for the organization and becomes part of the regular SharePoint license, so there will be no need to go through the box.

Viva Insights and Learning, in tests for the public

Insights provides analytics to employees, bosses, and managers to improve business operations. The objective is that these statistics serve to help in the organization, by adapting tasks, meeting and rest times to each worker, so that he can offer maximum performance through stress-free planning. Insights now see the light of day as a public preview.

On the other hand, Viva Learning is a hub in which the company offers learning resources to its employees. In this way, they can access the content provided by the company from day one and learn about their way of working and their tools. Learning can integrate resources from LinkedIn Leaning, as well as Microsoft Learning and other vendors. In this case, it will be necessary to wait until April to test it.

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