Microsoft warns Xbox demand could exceed supply

On the Dropped Frames podcast, Spencer comments that “we know what our offering will look like, basically for the rest of the year … and we’re going to have more demand than what we’re providing, and I will apologize to the people for this in advance. ” on all sides when it was booked for both Xbox Series X and S. Phil Spencer himself adds that this high demand was indicative of what the rest of the year might be like. “We saw it with the reserves, the amount of energy there was, and basically we were out in a few hours, which is unfortunate, but I think we’re going to be living in this world for a few months, that we are going to have a lot more demand than what we supply ”.

Demand for Xbox Series X and Series S exceeds supply

The long-awaited 2020 holiday period was always going to be chaotic. Even as the craze for consoles continues, the lineup of next-gen games continues to fluctuate as well. It’s been several months since Halo Infinite was delayed, while Cyberpunk 2077 was delayed for the third time this year and was pushed back to December. Until 2021; Ubisoft just announced that Far Cry 6 and Rainbow Six Quarantine have been delayed until at least April.

So it looks like supplies for the next-gen Xbox console won’t be able to keep up with demand over the next few months. Spencer’s comments answered a question of whether Microsoft is busier with console assignments right now or looking to the future.

In his response on supply and demand, Spencer adds, “On the supply chain side, it’s like, ‘What can we do to get more inventory? The next few years, yes, that’s where I spend most of my time.

Anyway, hope there is a demand for Microsoft consoles. There are just over 10 days left for its launch and we hope none of you will be left without your reservation.

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