Microsoft will fix bugs with Windows 10 updates

In recent months, we’ve seen how Windows 10 has racked up various issues regarding updates after the latest updates Microsoft has made to the operating system. In some cases, driver installation loops have occurred from Windows Update.

These infinite loops caused many problems as a result. For starters, the Windows Update service was in constant operation, with the CPU and RAM consumption that this implied. Additionally, it could lead to crashes in the affected hardware as it was a driver install and uninstall process that did not complete.

Windows 10 on the Dev channel already has the fixes

After receiving a large number of reviews and complaints in the various forums, Microsoft has confirmed that it is aware of the error and is already working to correct it. The Windows 10 issue mainly affects users with Intel graphics drivers.

The message in question says “A current driver for your PC may be better than the one we are trying to install.” We will continue to try to install it. The problem is that Windows Update is trying to install driver software that is older than the one currently installed. Therefore, we would lose the performance benefits that we got with the update.

Those from Redmond report in the Feedback Hub that versions of Windows Insider Dev Channel have received fixes for this bug. As we can read, a Microsoft engineer (probably Jen Gentleman), indicates that “we have made an update in the compilations of the Insider Dev channel so that this error does not appear anymore from now on”.

It is not known how many devices were affected by this bug, but there was a lot of feedback in the Feedback Hub. In common they have the version of Windows 10, which is given in the 20H2 update or May 2020 update, which is scheduled for launch this October.

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