Microsoft will update Windows 95 icons with Windows 10 Sun Valley

We already know that Microsoft has been working for some time to renew its image in Office and Windows 10, but how far Microsoft will go. The latest versions of Sun Valley have renewed the icons even in the Shell32.dll area, something that hasn’t been touched since Windows 95. We’ll better explain this big change that’s happening to Windows 10 this year.

Say goodbye to nostalgia for Windows 95 icons after more than 25 years

It looks like what has happened on other occasions is not going to happen, the design inconsistencies in Windows 10 are over, and the Redmond giant started with a complete overhaul of the operating system icons. Yes, we’ve seen some with the naked eye like in File Explorer, but Sun Valley is going to change everything. The perfect example are these icons that are found in less common areas of the operating system and which Microsoft has also changed. As the folks at Windows Latest discovered, these changes even include icons like hibernation present in the Shell32.dll file.

As we have already stated, some of the icons that have been changed had not been changed since Windows 95. This was the problem, we could find them in different areas of the system when using Windows 10. This wants to end complaints about inconsistent system and update all previous components.

The reality is that Microsoft has yet to officially show its vision for Sun Valley, which will have its own event. However, other areas such as the floating taskbar were also found in the latest versions of the Windows Insider program. Earlier this year, there was talk of a total rejuvenation of the various job offers. We know the Store is going to undergo a drastic change and we hope to hear more in 20 days at Build 2021, the biggest developer event for the Redmond giant.

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